fabulous starheart stole a crown

Star-Heart Stole a Crown

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Kirk/Spock Big Bang Illustrations
fabulous starheart stole a crown
I was assigned to the lovely fic, Where Sea Meets Sky by Rynne (who has been very patient and always kept in touch)! It has great imagery out the wazoo, and was amazing to illustrate. Though I did run late, and had to color everything in a twelve-hour span. Hahaaaaa. All pictures PG.

EDIT: I have the internet back on my laptop, so can make this much nicer and actually say something about it! And post the rest of them! Halleluja!


The Sealskin

SCAN0001 (2)
Best Date Ever, or, Earthsky

Pool Days. Also some shoddy perspective; apologies.

Redwoods Rising

Sun Down, San Fransisco, or, Chinatown: The Educational Experience in Practical Culture

Or, Jim's Found a Funny Kite

ksbb12 'join starfleet'
"Join Starfleet" or, Where Sea Meets Sky

ksbb12 Kiss on the Tide Line
Kiss on the Tide Line

ksbb12 The Vulcan and the Selkie
The Vulcan and the Selkie

I feel like I drew Spock with too much expression...which is normally the opposite of my problems. Also, harbor seals are addictive to look at but impossible to draw. THEIR FACES. WHAT ARE THEIR FACES DOING?

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I love these! And the first piece is EXACTLY how I pictured that scene!

Thanks! I have visited your mix, looking forward to downloadability - I hope your computer issues shape up! That scene was really nicely described in the fic; it conjures up a great image. Glad I got it right!

Absolutely gorgeous artwork! Loved every single one of them. They all go perfectly with the related scenes. Thanks. :)

Thank you! There were so many great scenes to illustrate in this fic~ I'm happy you think they match up well! I always get a little frustrated when illustrations don't match with their book (or fic, in this case), so I try extra hard to make sure everything compliments each other.

You did an excellent job. I love the detail you put in --- the trees, the ocean, it all brings such perspective to Kirk and Spock's story!

The artwork looks so lovely here and matches perfectly with the stroy. Great job :D

Thank you! It was a great story to work with; it really lent itself to illustrations. I got lucky! But I'm very glad I've managed to tie everything in with the scenes of the fic. Success!

These are wonderful! I love the lamps in Chinatown and Jim's seal form especially. I think you did a great job drawing a seal! He's beautiful. =D

Thank you! I took special care with those lamps oh man; some of the writing is gibberish but most is actual google translate style chinese. I...can't remember exactly what it says, but I know it pertained to the story. I was happy with how they came out, all red and glow-y.

YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO HEAR SEAL COMPLIMENTS. I slaved on that guy for HOURS in the sketch, and subjected to loud mockery of my animal-drawing abilities by all passerby. So, so happy he turned out.

These are simply beautiful. You did a fantastic job.

These are lovely!! You did a really nice job. Your pieces have a nice texture and your compositions are unique and interesting. I especially love the first piece with the ocean, it feels alive. Thank you for sharing these!

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