Star-Heart Stole a Crown

(he only stole cars for joy rides)

5 January 1993
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Two nicknames which may make you forget That Awfully Cutesy screenname:

Currently residing fuck knows where, I'm a travel-crazed chick with an obsessive streak when it comes to writing. Drawing - fanart, illustrations, and webcomics of questionable content - is more of the relaxing hobby.

I sleep best from 7:30 AM to 1:00 PM, and work best from midnight until four. My favorite Thing(s) in the Universe are stars, and I secretly would like a pet black lab. Alas, I hail from a family obsessed with cats - TUJOURS CHATS.

My extraordinary boyfriend puts up with my waking him up at odd hours just to blather on about some plot-based epiphany regarding one of my stories. And blather I do. I've completed two novels, one of which will never see the light of day, much less a query letter.

Talents include: bluntness, obliviousness, scary levels of editing prowess, secret workaholicness, swear words in five languages, and ability so lacking in playing with numbers that it's a talent all in itself (I kid not; simple addition is a challenge).

Screenname disclaimer: I made it when I was thirteen, and I've ended up known by it (except on tumblr, where I'm 1boo). Do not judge what people do on the internet when they are thirteen, short of murder.

Note: I am an adult; there are adult concepts in this journal. Be warned and look at ratings, please! For the rest of you, debauch out!